Village-Wide Flood Mitigation Information

The Village’s professional engineers at AI Engineers (Dolph Rotfeld Division) have spent the last 18 months developing a systemwide approach to mitigate flooding throughout the village. Their proposed conceptual plan would address deficiencies in the two primary drainage channels that handle the flow of Village stormwater. It would resolve flooding issues for people who live in the Hutchinson Elementary area (the “North Pelham” arterial line runs from Glenwood Lake to Julianne’s to the Post Office), and it would also protect residents who live in the Colonial Elementary area, including protection for the school itself (the “Highbrook” line serves Pelhamwood and Pelham Heights, between Lincoln Avenue and Colonial Avenue). For those of us who are not professional stormwater engineers, the basic idea is that we need larger drains throughout the Village and more control over the amount of water that flows through them. That’s what this plan gives us, and it would mitigate flooding for severe storms, up to and including storms that have only a 1-2% chance of happening in any given year. 

 Supporting Documentation/Information:

October 19, 2023, Village-Wide Drainage Infrastructure Study Public Work Session (Highbrook Avenue Watershed)

October 26, 2023, Village-Wide Drainage Infrastructure Study Public Work Session (North Pelham Watershed)

Preliminary Village-Wide Drainage Infrastructure Summary Report 

Letter to the Board of Education Requesting Joint Work Session with Draft Memorandum of Understanding

Village-Wide Drainage Infrastructure Study Public Work Session Presentation 

Analysis of the Hutchinson River in Relation to the Proposed Flood Control Plan

Village of Pelham Flood Mitigation Project - Presentation to Pelham Board of Education on 1-17-24

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Flood Mitigation Info