Building Department

Through the full-time Building Inspector/Plan Examiner/Code Enforcement Official the Village of Pelham Building Department on a daily basis meets and consults with the owners of residential and commercial properties, and their builders and architects to provide advisement for the development of plans that comply with local and state codes for various types of construction projects and business uses.

Inspections & Permits

The Building Department issues building permits and makes inspections for buildings under construction, improvement, or in a state of poor maintenance and/or disrepair. Inspections are made of existing housing and commercial properties for related complaints and Code enforcement. Also issued are plumbing permits, oil tank removal permits, street opening permits, sidewalk replacement/repair permits, fence permits, electrical permits, sign permits, awning permits, and sidewalk café permits. Upon completion of work authorized by a permit, the department transmits the estimated value added to real property under construction to the Pelham Assessor's Office and supplies the Town Engineer with a copy of the plans for all Building Permits in order to update the Tax Maps and records.


The Department also maintains records and assists property and title research companies by providing information to residents, realtors, and attorneys. It researches records in order to provide certification letters and closing certificates to title companies and attorneys regarding the status of existing buildings in the normal course of the property refinance, mortgage, and/or sale and transfer processes.


The Department also staffs the three Land Use Boards - Architectural Review, Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Appeals - and coordinates with the Village Administrator's and Clerk's Offices to see site plans, special permits, and other applications through the land-use processes.

The Board of Trustees holds final site plan approval authority, based on the report and recommendations of the Architectural Review and Planning Boards. The Zoning Board of Appeals is a quasi-judicial Board authorized by New York State Law with appeals authority under the local Village zoning code and makes decisions regularly on the special permit, variance, and other appeals applications.

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