Projects That Require a Permit Application

Please contact the Building Department with any questions regarding permits as this is not a comprehensive list:

  • All interior alterations (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Moving any wall or partition (requires architects drawings and structural certification)
  • Damage repairs (damage from fire, water, etc.)
  • Repairs and/or replacement to plumbing (water and gas)
  • Repairs and/or replacements to the electrical system
  • Repairs, replacement, and/or installation of a central air conditioning unit
  • Installation and/or removal of any fuel tank above or below ground (fuel oil, etc.)
  • Street and sidewalk openings and repairs
  • Swimming pool and hot tub installation (requires permits from Building Department and a Special Permit from the Zoning Board)
  • Any additions to buildings, including wooden decks, and/or the enlargement of a structure
  • New construction of primary and accessory structures (residential, commercial, sheds, garages, etc.)
  • Alterations of non-residential property (requires site plan approval and application of intent to develop)
  • Alterations of residential property (main building or accessory building, conversions, and enlargements)
  • Installation and/or removal of fuel-burning devices (oil burner, gas burner, wood stove, boilers, etc.)
  • Installation of a new fence (Replacement or repairs of a section of existing fences do not require a permit as long as there is a permit on file for the original fence)
  • Structurally damaged roofs and replacement roofs
  • Window installation and replacement