Department of Public Works

The Public Works Department (DPW) is comprised of 4 motor equipment operators, 5 laborers, and 1 maintenance mechanic.

The Department of Public Works employs a total of ten people to perform the functions of maintaining and operating the Village of Pelham's public infrastructure, and ensuring the smooth operation and transportation necessary to serve the village residents, visitors, and other functions of the Village. These duties of the department include the following:

  • Maintain and provide services (snow and ice control, curbside leaf pickup, street sweeping, storm cleanup, etc.) to the .9 square mile that is the Village of Pelham
  • Maintain and repair 19.5 miles of streets (39 lane-miles)
  • Maintain and upkeep all public parking lots, public parks and greenspace, and public sidewalks along village-owned land, including snow and ice removal
  • Maintain, repair and service approximately 535 public parking meters
  • Maintain and upkeep the Sanitary Sewer System for household and business sewage
  • Maintain and upkeep the Stormwater System, including catch basins, for the conveyance and storage of snow and rain runoff
  • Maintain and upkeep Street and Traffic Lights at 28 locations
  • Maintain and replace trees in the Village's Rights-of-Way
  • Provide maintenance, repair, service, and fuel to the Village's fleet of 42 vehicles, including Police, Fire, Public Works, and Administration
  • Operate, maintain and repair street equipment

Sanitation & Recycling 

The Department of Public Works DOES NOT collect sanitation and recyclables. Sanitation and recyclable collection are collected under a private contract between the Village and Oak Ridge Waste and Recycling, and they can be reached at 203-743-0405 or by emailing Oak Ridge Waste and Recycling.

Change is Coming! In-House Sanitation in 2023

The Village of Pelham is happy to announce a more efficient sanitation system coming in 2023 that will improve how we pick up trash! This system will include an improved app, trucks, and toters that will increase efficiency, improve communications, and make trash collection easier for residents and safer for all!

Please click here to learn more about In-House Sanitation.

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