Police Department

Police Department PatchThe Police Department employs a total of twenty-five full-time Police Officers, including the Police Chief, Police Lieutenant, Police Sergeants, and Detectives. In addition, the department employs two full-time Parking Enforcement Officers, eleven part-time school crossing guards, and a part-time clerk.

The primary function of the Pelham Police Department is to protect life and property and to enforce all applicable laws, including Federal, State, County, and Local laws. The goals of the Pelham Police Department are to maintain order within the Village and to preserve the quality of life that allows Pelham to continue its history of being a secure and desirable community in which to live.


The Department operates several units headed by Police Administration and assisted by Investigations, Patrol, and Support. The administration is responsible for overseeing the entire operation of the Police Department, including scheduling, budgeting, purchasing, and general administrative functions. The primary responsibility of the Investigations Unit is to investigate and follow up on criminal and sometimes non-criminal matters.

The Patrol function is the backbone of the Police Department. Patrol Officers are responsible to patrol all streets and public property, and observe all locations in the Village in order to deter crime and enforce all relevant laws. Within the patrol unit is a Canine Unit. Additionally, when not being used on special assignments, the canine team is used for routine patrol services. The Support Unit consists of School Crossing Guards, Parking Enforcement Officers, Matrons, and Clerical Staff.

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