Council on the Arts


  • 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m.
  • Via Zoom
    Meeting ID: 828 2372 1250
    Passcode: 086602 


  • Francile Albright Mullen, Chairperson
    Term expires: December 7, 2026
  • Paula Cardona, Member 
    Term expires: December 2, 2024
  • Lisa Koonce, Member
    Term expires: December 7, 2026
  • Lisa Robb, Secretary
    Term expires: December 7, 2026
  • Karen Pursel, Member 
    Term expires: December 2, 2024
  • Ruben Rodriguez, Vice Chair
    Term expires: December 7, 2026
  • Emlyn Taveras, Member
    Term expires: December 2, 2024

Volunteer for the Pelham Council on the Arts


The mission of the Village of Pelham Council on the Arts is to expand the public experience with visual art and the humanities by creating and administering a public artwork program that:

  • Encourages the commission of artwork for municipally supported projects
  • Engages the imagination of artists who create artwork for public consumption
  • Supports research and original scholarship
  • Preserves and provides access to cultural and educational resources
  • Drives interest in the Village's downtown


Public art, in both physical and digital forms, has enabled people in all societies to understand better their communities and individual lives. Further, forums for public expression serve as drivers of economic and social sustainability. And, because democracy demands wisdom, the Village can be served and strengthened by promoting excellence in the humanities and conveying the lessons of its history to all residents.

To fulfill that vision, the programs created and administered by the Arts Council shall encompass the broadest possible range and variety of expression, media, and materials. Its selections of artists and artwork shall reflect a standard of excellence and the cultural and ethnic diversity of the Village. And, in so doing, the study and application of the humanities shall reflect our diverse heritage, traditions, and history.


It is the Village's intention that the members of the Arts Council consist of a diverse group of community leaders who are passionate in their own field as well as in the advancement of the arts in Pelham. Members will have experience and interest in the arts of architecture, landscape architecture, sculpture, painting, performance arts, filmmaking, education, literature, history, or other similar arts and works of art. They will play an active role in the administration and development of the Arts Council and serve as stewards of the arts in the community.