What is the Toter trash cart program?

The Village is improving the way we collect garbage! Through the Toter trash cart program, the Village will provide each residence and business with Village garbage collection service a Toter trash cart for their garbage collection service starting in December 2022.  The new sanitation trucks coming in 2023 have a mechanical tipper arm on the back to pick up the Toter trash cart and empty it into the truck. The Toter trash carts are the property of the Village of Pelham, provided for use at the specific address.  

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1. What is the Toter trash cart program?
2. Why did the Village start the Toter trash cart program?
3. When will the Toter trash cart program start?
4. What size are the Toter trash carts?
5. Is it easy to move?
6. Will my garbage day change?
7. Does the Toter trash cart belong to me?
8. How should I place the Toter trash cart on the curb for collection?
9. I only have one small bag of garbage, do I still need to use the Toter?
10. Should I clean out the Toter periodically?
11. What if something breaks?
12. What if my Toter trash cart is damaged or goes missing?