Actions Residents & Businesses In The Community Can Take to Reduce Their GHG Emissions

Ways residents and businesses in the community can participate in efforts led by the local government to reduce GHG emissions and build community resiliency to climate change:

List of actions that residents & businesses can undertake


Have your house energy auditedGetting a home energy audit allows you to identify ways to improve your home's efficiency. Help lower your energy and heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint!
NYSERDA energy audits for small businesses and NFPsFor small business owners in our community, audits are also available for small businesses to reduce your energy costs.
Get an EVPurchasing an electric vehicle is a great way to show your love for the planet, and can also earn you tax rebates or credits!
Westchester Power is already providing Village of Pelham residents with 100% clean energy- dont opt out!The default supply for the Village of Pelham residents is 100%  renewable energy!
Go solar by adding solar panels to your home or business

Another way to have clean electricity for your home and to qualify for tax credits, is to purchase solar panels.

Save on your energy bill while supporting local solar projects through Community SolarCommunity Solar allows utility customers - homeowners, renters, nonprofits, places of worship and many local businsesse to support local, clean energy produced by a community solar farm, while benefiting from guarenteed savings, with no cost to join or cancel!
Join the Green Business PartnershipAs a small business owner, you are also eligible to join the Green Business Partnership! You will be given tools that help you make your business greener and more efficient.
Use Energy Star certified appliances & productsIf you are in the market for new appliances, consider purchasing an Energy Star appliance and lowering your energy usage. You also may qualify for credits.

Buy local, seasonal produceWe are lucky to be in an active community in Westchester! Go out to a local farmer's market and purchase locally grown produce. This helps support local business, and reduces the miles your food travels to you!

Grow your own producePlant a vegetable garden to reduce food miles.  Most vegetables can be grown in containers and planters if you don't have room for raised beds on your property.

Use public transportationWe have many sustainable public transportation options available to us in Pelham. Changing your mode of transport can reduce your impact on the environment.


Ride the Bus!


Take the Train!


Ride a bike!

Carbon calculator/audit your footprintTo reduce your footprint on the planet, you need to know first what your impact is! Take a carbon footprint test to understand ways for you to reduce your impact on the environment.

Sustainable landscaping equipmentReduce use of gas-powered leaf blowers through public education, increased enforcement of existing laws, and pursuing further restrictions


Shop local and consignment/second hand stores/upcycle center/eventsNeed something new? Consider buying it used! Have something broken? Consider trying to have it fixed! Going to throw something gently used away? Consider giving it to a neighbor!

Shop local!


Use second hand websites : Craigslist, Poshmark, Thredup


Take advantage of our Pelham Facebook Groups to trade with neighbors!

Plant trees/maintain treesTrees have a massive impact on our urban environment. Take care of your urban ecology by protecting the trees near your home.