Sanitation and Recycling FAQ

Television and Computer Monitors
Please call Village Hall at (914) 738-2015 and request to be added to the list for TV and monitor pickup.  This list typically becomes filled in about two weeks, at which time someone will contact you (24 hours in advance of pickup) and remind you to place the TV/monitor out at the curb.  The screen must be protected by a heavy duty tape, placed in an X over the screen.

Construction Debris
If you are doing renovations to your home or business, and the job does not require a dumpster, a special pickup must be arranged with your contractor or a private carting company.  This service is available from the village's carting company - Oak Ridge Waste and Recycling, (203) 743-0405.  An additional fee will be charged for this service.  Construction debris will not be picked up during normal trash and rubbish collection.  The use of a dumpster requires a permit. 

Recyclable Materials 
Picked up by the carting company on your assigned day.

Items accepted include:  1) Glass food and beverage containers 2) Metal food and beverage containers, aluminum trays, and empty aerosol cans.  3)  Plastic commonly used for food, beverage, detergents, etc. 4)  Paper items such as newspapers, magazines, phone books, letters and envelopes.  5) Corrugated Cardboard (broken down and tied). 

Do not tie anything in bundles (except cardboard), or place anything in plastic bags.  Please rinse all plastic/metal items.

Items not accepted include:  kitchenware, mirrors/windows, books, Styrofoam, and waxed cardboard.

Bulk Rubbish
Picked up by the carting company on your assigned day.

Items accepted include:  furniture, toys, carpets (3' lengths and bundled), etc.

Items not accepted:  bulk metal, batteries, tires, construction debris, logs, TV's and computer monitors.

Bulk Metal
Picked up by the carting company on your assigned day.

Items accepted:  dishwashers, dryers, fencing, piping, stoves, hot water heaters. Place these items curbside.

Air conditioners and refrigerators will only be accepted after all styrofoam has been removed (requires sticker).  

Organic Waste

Picked up by the carting company on your assigned day.

April 1st - October 7th

All grass clippings, flowers, brush, branches and twigs placed in a biodegradable bag or open plastic container.  All items must be placed curbside and cannot be a mixed load.  Leaves must be placed curbside for pickup by the village.


All leaves must be placed curbside during loose-leaf season which are between March 15th and April 30th AND from October 15th to December 15th.  There is no set schedule as to when your leaves will be picked up, but all leaves will be removed before the end of the season.  Do not mix leaves with other yard and organic waste or logs/stumps/branches.

Lawn maintenance equipment powered by internal combustion engines, including, but not limited to, lawn mowers and leaf blowers, shall not be operated in the Village of Pelham, except at the following times:

On weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., except grass may be cut with an internal-combustion engine lawn mower by an occupant of the premises where it is being cut on weekdays between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
On Saturdays between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
On Sundays and holidays between 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.
The operation of leaf blowers shall be limited to the time period between March 15th and April 30th, inclusive, and October 15th and December 15th, inclusive, of each calendar year.

Hazardous Household Waste

Air Conditioners, Freezers, Etc

These items listed, in addition to any other items that contain the chemical freon, cannot be disposed of as bulk metal. The owner must have the freon removed from the appliance prior to disposal.  Please consult the private vendor who removes the freon on the best method of disposal of the appliance, or put it out for bulk metal (w/sticker).  The following are private vendors that remove freon.  The Village provides the following numbers for reference only, and does not endorse any vendor.

Brookfield Metal of Elmsford - 592-5250 (Free of charge)

All State Air Conditioning of Mount Vernon - 668-8211 (Fee required)

Dockery's Appliances of Mount Vernon - 664-1227 (Fee required)  

Tiso Appliances of Pelham - 738-1221 (Fee required)


Throughout Westchester, the recommended method for getting rid of oil and latex paints is by hardening the paint and putting it out with the trash.  Paint can be hardened by air drying it, and adding absorbent materials such as kitty litter, to speed up the process.  There are also commercially made paint hardeners available for purchase.

A new product on the market called Waste Paint Hardener can harden a gallon latex paint in minutes.  Kitty litter is best for use when hardening oil based paints.  If you have latex paint to dispose of, you may want to give Waste Paint Hardener a try.  Below is a list of vendors that carry this product.  Availability is not guaranteed.

In Town:   Caruso Paint & Hardware - 738-4778         In Town:   Wise Hardware - 738-1954

Bedford Hardware - 234-3695    Chubby's Hardware - 764-5125   Cornell's True Value - 961-2400

Foley Hardware - 834-7200        Katonah Paint - 232-7797            Tuckahoe Paint - 961-4880


North White Plains - 948-4000    Bedford Hills - 241-1666    Mahopac - 621-1131    Ossining - 941-1900

Peekskill - 737-0333    Port Chester - 939-7600    White Plains - 946-8888    Yonkers - 779-6767

Yorktown - 962-3000


Thrown Away in the Garbage: Non-rechargeable alkaline, non-rechargeable carbon zinc, rechargeable alkaline

Take to a drop off site or Household Chemical Clean-Up Day: Rechargeable nickel cadmium, sealed lead acid, nickel hydride, lithium

Vehicle Batteries: Drop off at a local retailer that sells car batteries.  State law requires these retailers to accept, free of charge, up to 2 vehicle batteries per person per month. 

Motor Oil

Take used motor oil to a local service station or to a local retailer that sells motor oil.  State law requires that most retailers and service stations accept, free of charge, up to 5 gallons per person per day.  Oil must be in a clean and unbreakable plastic container with a tight fitting lid.  Do not mix the oil with any other fluid.  

Oil Filters  

Drain the oil from the filter.  Wrap the filter in newspaper and dispose of in the garbage. 

Propane Tanks
1 and 2 lbs. Propane Tanks

Residual gas should be burned off through regular uses, and put out for pickup. 

20 lbs. BBQ Propane Tanks:

The following companies accept these tanks and may charge a small fee.  Before placing a propane tank in your vehicle, empty it through normal use of your grill and seal it with the plastic cap provided.  Replacement caps are available at local hardware stores.  If your tank is in a condition to be re-filled, consider giving it to friend, neighbor or family member to use for their grill. 

Brookfield Metal Company - Elmsford, NY    592-5250            American Compressed Gases - Yonkers, NY    968-8708

Tech Air - White Plains, NY    949-5151                Crestwood RV - Tuckahoe, NY    961-4400      

Radioactive Medical Waste

1.  Take each individual soiled product and put it in a sealed plastic bag or container

2.  Place this bag in a plastic refuse bag given to you by your healthcare provider

3.  This bag is marked with a "safe date" determined by your healthcare provider

4.  Once the "safe date" passes, place your sealed refuse bag with your regular trash


6.  If you are unable to keep the sealed refuse bag in your home until the "safe date", you may deliver this sealed bag to the hospital or healthcare provider where you received the radioactive material.


*Disclaimer - The Village of Pelham, NY does not endorse any of the private vendors or products listed here and takes no responsibility for your transactions or use.    Furthermore, there is no guarantee by the Village of Pelham, NY that vendors will provide the service listed and makes no assurances that a fee will not be charged for the service.

The information listed here is supplied for reference purposes only.