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Lot 2 Relocation Map

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The Village of Pelham operates seven (7) municipal parking lots throughout the Village:

Parking for the Metro-North Train Station is coordinated through the MTA.  To obtain a Metro-North Parking Permit please call (888) 682-PARK.

The Village of Pelham Code prohibits parking on all Village streets between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM. This policy permits regular street sweeping, aids police surveillance and maintains the small-town feel and aesthetic quality of the Village. The Village also limits parking to two hours in the downtown district and certain residential streets.  Long-term parking meters are available on Wolfs Lane south of Boulevard, Nyac Avenue, First Street, Fourth Avenue, and Harmon Avenue.

For those requiring off-street parking, the Village operates a parking permit program involving several municipal lots and garages. At the present time six (6) parking lots are available for residents and merchants and one (1) lot is available for Pelham Manor residents and other non-resident individuals. A parking permit form must be filled out for each parking permit given (the forms for each category are different so please make sure you have the appropriate form). Permits are sold either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly. The parking rates differ depending on whether you are a Village of Pelham resident, non-resident or merchant.

Parking Lots and Location (click on link for photo and description of each lot)

Parking Lot 1 - First Street, behind One Wolfs Lane (Old Post Office)       
Parking Lot 2 - Third Street and 4th Avenue                    
Parking Lot 3 - Third Street and 6th Avenue
Parking Lot 44th Avenue between Second and Third Streets
Parking Lot 7 - Sparks Avenue, behind Village Hall
Parking Lot 95th Avenue, Seventh Street to Willow Avenue (west side)
Parking Lot 10 - Wolfs Lane, between Boulevard and Franklin (east side)
                          Boulevard West, Wolfs Lane to Bridge (south side)

Passport Parking Zones


Passport Zone

Wolfs Lane between Franklin Place and Boulevard


Boulevard West


Wolfs Lane between Boulevard and E. Second Street


E. Second Street


Wolfs Lane between E. Second Street and Sparks Ave.


Sparks Avenue


Wolfs Lane between Sparks Avenue and Pelhamwood


Fifth Avenue between Pellhamwood/First Street and Second Street


First Street


Fourth Avenue between First Street and Second Street


Second Street between Fourth Avenue and Fifth Avenue


Fifth Avenue between Second Street and Third Street


Third Street between Fourth Avenue and Sixth Avenue


Fifth Avenue between Third Street and Lincoln Avenue


Lincoln Avenue east of Fifth Avenue


Open Lot 2


Fourth Avenue between Third Street and Lincoln Avenue


Fifth Avenue between Lincoln Avenue and Willow Avenue


Sixth Street between Fourth Avenue and Sixth Avenue


Nyac Avenue and First Street East


Harmon Avenue


Fee Schedule 2021

 Permit Type 















 Semi Annual 














Village of Pelham Resdent

(May purchase permit for 
any available lot)











Sparks Avenue Lot # 7











First Street Lot # 1














(May purchase a permit for any available lot)








*Lots 2 and 7 only*



*Lots 3,4,9,10 & Prepaid Meters*

Outstanding Parking Violations

Persons with unpaid parking violation are prohibted from renewing, applying or receiving a parking permit.

Refund Policy

Refunds are made only on annual permits issued to residents and non-residents.
Refunds for annual permits will be made through June 30th at a rate of 80% for Pelham residents and 90% for Pelham Manor and other non-residents. This is for the full remaining months. Refunds for the annual permits for the period of July 1st through and including September 30th will be at a rate of 75% for the full remaining months. There are no refunds after September 30th. The permit MUST be returned to Village Hall before any refund will be procesed. There are no refunds for Merchant Permits.

Returned Checks

All checks returned by the bank will incur a service charge of $15.00. If a check is returned a second time, the permit holder will be charged the service charge and be required to pay cash for all subsequent permits. No check returned by the bank will be re-deposited.

Merchant Permits

The issuance of a merchant permit requires a note from the employer on business letterhead or the permit signed by the employer in addition to all other required materials. There are no refunds for Merchant Permits. In Lot 2 and Lot 3 merchants must park on the upper levels of the lot.

Guest Policy

Overnight guests that do not have available parking (those in apartment buildings, etc.) will be able to purchase weekly parking permits of up to two (2) weeks at the rate of $20.00 per week. Proof of registration and of the person being visited (i.e. name and address) must be provided. Overnight parking permits are limited to four (4) weeks per year.

Parking Permit Renewals

Renewal reminders for permits are sent out only once in November for the following year. Renewing permits is the responsibility of the permit holder. Permits must be renewed by the expiration date to avoid receiving a ticket. If you hold a Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-Annual permit you must return the old permit to receive a new one.  Permits are not transferable. If the permit has not been renewed by the expiration date the spot will be forfeited. If you do not need the permit any longer please inform Village Hall by email at that you will no longer need it so that it can be given to the next person on the waiting list.

For further information on parking in the Village, please call the Village Clerk’s Office at (914) 231-3320.