Wolfs Lane Park Redesign

It is very exciting to present the revised Wolfs Lane Park plan to the community. We invested a significant amount of time last year showing the draft plan to the public as well as organizations throughout the town. We incorporated their feedback into these drawings. After review, we will move on to materials selection and bidding with a fall groundbreaking.

For the past three years residents have expressed their interest is using the park in a dynamic way. Together with our adopted philosophy of the Power of Ten, championed by the Partnership for Public Space, we have complied our own ten ways to enjoy the park. This collaborative effort is the foundation for this incredible plan that transforms our park. 

The park enhancements will be funded by a DASNY grant of $647,000 we received with the assistance of Senator Klein.  The recent park addition of the children’s play space Woodland Park was generously donated by the Junior League of Pelham.  

Wolfs Lane Park Redesign Documents:

1. Wolfs Lane Park redesign Master Plan - May 2016

2. Wolfs Lane Park redesign Detailed Drawings by Area - May 2016

3. Wolfs Lane Park redesign timeline

4. Presentation on the redesign of Wolfs Lane Park - March 2015

5. Presentation on the redesign of Wolfs Lane Park - October 2014

6. Wolfs Lane Park School Corner  

7. Written Communications from May 17, 2016

8. Wolfs Lane Park redesign Power Point Presentation - October 2016

9. Wolfs Lane Park Construction Banner