Sustainability Advisory Board

The purpose of the Sustainability Advisory Board is to prioritize goals, develop programs, and recommend policy, legislation, and code amendments that encourage and contribute to the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the Village. Areas of advisement include, but are not limited to: energy conservation and alternative fuel use, waste reduction and recycling, preservation and development of open space, maintenance of the Village’s tree canopy, alternative modes of transportation (including walking and cycling), stormwater quality improvement, water conservation, green building design, climate change mitigation and community resilience to natural disasters. The Sustainability Advisory Board, in development of its recommendations, shall consider all best practices and lessons learned from all other sources including cities, towns and villages, in addition to financial sustainability and cost effectiveness. 

Board Members

Name Title
Heather Eliezer Member
Kevin Healy Member
Lisa Hill-Ries Member
Mark Rookwood Member
Maryanne Joyce Member